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Importance Of Education In Life | Dear India

Education is the one thing which can remove corruption, unemployment, environmental problems, financial instability, poverty, and many more major problems of society, and can help in the development of a nation. Nelson Mandela has said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  As you know “Change is the rule of Nature”. It is definite that the world will change from time to time. But if you are an educated person you have the power the shape this change in a better way. Education gives us a better understanding of our society, system, culture, etc. In this process of education, we get a sense of justice, and it develops our level of instincts.  In short, you can lead a better life with the help of education. Before we go further in this conversation, first of all, let's discuss, What do you mean by Education?
What is Education?
Education is a process of facilitating learning, acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.
Basically, Education makes us knowledgeable in any field. It helps us in fulfilling our dreams. It makes us the better student, a better son, better parent, better citizen, a better professional, a better employ,  In short, a better person by developing our understanding about a particular thing. And this good understanding of about anything helps us in making great decisions.
We are getting an education from the start.
As a child born, parents start educating. As we become a toddler we are taught to say words. In this process, we learn to behave, respect others, express our emotions. After all these basic learnings we enter in the formal education systems i.e pre-schooling, schooling, and college. 
Why is Education important?
Following Ten points will show you the importance of education.
1) Education gives you a better sense of understanding of anything. You get a better understanding, your level of instincts improves, better instincts influence your decision making, and a better decision leads you to a better life.
2) Education develops good judgment and ideology in you.
3) Good education develops you personally and socially. You get respect in society.
4) Education makes you economically successful. You earn decent money and live a prosper life.
5) Education gives you the required awareness about certain things. i.e environment, disease, health, society.
6) Education empowers you to fight social evils and face the adverse situations of life, and become successful.
7) Generally an educated person is a socially responsible person. He knows his rights and duties for the nation. He elects a responsible representative which derives the nation to the new extent of development.
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