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Stress Management | Stress Management Tips

Stress Management -

Because of unemployment, foreclosures, and the volatile economic times in which we live, more people are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and stressed out. So I have decided to provide you with  tried and proven  methods that will give you  the mindset  and  key strategies that will anchor your mind, calm your spirit and connect you with the higher self. So in this post, We will talk about “Stress Management” and “How To Over Come Stress In Everyday Life’ and finally I will give you a five minute guide for “Stress Management”.

Definition Of Stress.| What is Stress?

If you look up the word in a dictionary, Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.  But if we try to understand in another way, Stress is simply a signal within your body that gives you the opportunity to identify and adjust your perception of any situation. If this definition of stress is going above your head, Definition is simplified in the below paragraph.

When we look closely into the life of a stressed person we find  that they are gravitating toward that which is familiar to them in life. If you are used to the habit of victimization, which manifests in complaining and focusing on ‘ what is not working out’ then you will always think  about “not working of any situation ” When you choose to what is working out for you, then you will feel helpful. In order to get rid of stress, first of all, we must understand “What causes stress in your life?”

What Causes Stress In Life?

>       Fear of Failure?
>       Unmet expectations?
>       Fear of not doing a good job and therefore the fear of judgment?
>       Fear that you will not be able to handle the situation?

Have you ever considered the possibility that you are complete apart from any event or a person in your life? How would that affect your daily stress level? What emotions are behind your stress? Here are  some to consider—

  • è Fear
  • èEmbarrassment
  • èInvalidation
  • èAnger
  • èWorry
  • è Doubt
  • èShame 

Actually, stress is just icing on the cake, The cake is the main emotion behind the stress, often disguised by a physical ailment i.e back pain, headache,  or neck pain, etc.
If you take time to observe very young children, you will see that they don't even know what stress is.  WHY?
               Because thy don't have that system of habits and perceptions which you have created throughout your lifetime. When an emotion comes up in young children, it simply comes out. They continue on their way accepting whatever emotion comes up without judgments.
                                             As adult, we forget that life is about the experience. Your emotions are meant to be expressed, not defined. You have allowed others to define your emotions as good, bad, or unacceptable. When we worry about what other people will think, we end up becoming our own publicist and exhaust ourselves by protecting our reputation. We stress out daily damage control, instead of it we can put energy toward learning, growing, and creating solutions.
                                                                           Many people live in the  prison of self criticism, which usually accompanies perfectionism, and the need to be right and control situations, people and outcomes in order to feel safe and connected with people.

Three Essential Ingredients For a Stress-Free Life

Whenever we find ourselves in a mess, we always ask some questions to ourselves. “Why did he do that?” , “ Why did she say that?” , “ Why does nothing ever work out for me?”
“Whyology” is the obsessive need to know why things happen as they do, which results in emotional paralysis, keeping you stuck. Why do you need to know why things happen? If you did know, would it make that much difference? Many people will say,  “yes, it would make a difference, because then I would be able to move on and let it go.”
                              The truth is that the letting –go the experience has nothing to do with knowing why things happen as they do. In fact, the more you need to know why the less likely you are to let go and move on.
                                             When you release your need to know why an amazing thing starts to happen. You begin to connect with your inner creativity, which helps find creative solutions to your situation.

The following are three actions you can take to help you move into the energy.

1)      Release the need for certain outcomes and response.
This action item is related directly to your need to know why things happen as they do. You need to know certain outcomes and responses from the world around you will imprison you. If you need this or that to happen in your life in order to feel good about yourself and excited about your life, then you will rise and fall depending on the events around you.
       It must be clear that it's okay to want certain outcomes and responses from the world around you. However, when you need then in order to feel good about yourself, then you become vulnerable to stress and anxiety.
2)      Release the inner critic-    How much of your day is spent complaining or cutting yourself and others down? Just stop criticizing yourself.
3)      Choose Positive feedback, encouragement, and affirmation -  
       When you receive reviews in life from other people, remember that you can choose what is true and what is not true for you. Anything that  any person says or does has everything to do with the writing on their wall and the experience and perceptions  they carry within themselves.

It was a guide to overcoming stress in the long term. If you need a five minutes guide then you must check “How To Overcome Stress in Five Minutes?

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